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Over the years we have accumulated quite a number of costumes that enable us to perform dances of the 15th, 16th and 18th century appropriately dressed. We want our costumes to be as authentic as possible, taking into account our limited budget and sewing abilities. Other more practical aspects have to be considered as well - how much time and help does one need to put on this or that costume?

We try to avoid "fancy dresses", based on modern patterns, without the necessary foundations of corsets, hooped petticoats etc., in too vivid colours, with glittering and sparkling trimming. We aim at costumes that

  • have an authentic silhouette
  • and help us feel like people in past centuries would have felt

    Theatrical costumes as well as copies of authentic dresses can do that. Costumes designed for the stage can be put on in a very short time; the material will have been chosen to look good when seen in the limelight, from a distance. When we buy, for example, a used dress from the opera, we have to make sure it will look ok even when we dance almost touching our audience.

    If one copies historical clothing, the most difficult problem is to get the right kind of fabric. Depending on the period you need transparent linen, silk velvet or taffeta, fine woll cloth… anything but what is available cheaply - printed cotton, man-made fibres….